Life is not a template

Life is a unique and unpredictable journey that cannot be reduced to a mere template to be filled in. Each person experiences their own set of challenges, opportunities, and growth that shape their life in a distinct way. No two lives are

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Taking on challenges is essential to survive and succeed in life. Challenges help us to grow, develop new skills and push boundaries. They test our resilience, determination and problem-solving skills. Embracing challenges helps us adapt to change, overcome obstacles and build strength

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The power of Art

Art has often been used as a means of protest and a tool for social and political change. Throughout history, artists have used their craft to express dissent and challenge the status quo, often leading to the overthrow of power. Art has

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A dangerous dog

Running away from a dangerous dog or avoiding dangerous persons and situations is a natural response that is rooted in our evolution. Throughout history, humans have had to navigate and survive in a world filled with potential threats, and this has shaped

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Freedom is not for free

Building a world where every individual experiences freedom is a complex and multifaceted challenge that requires a deep understanding of our evolution and the factors that shape human behavior. From an evolutionary perspective, freedom is closely tied to the ability to navigate

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The beginning of Terror

The beginning of terror often stems from a lack of historical knowledge in the context of evolution. Evolution is a slow and gradual process, but it has shaped the world and the species that inhabit it over billions of years. However, if

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