DayDreams And Rather Wild Intensions

Our view and working method

Wishful thinking in Materials

We believe that intuitive and associative processes while creating a product is just as important as the final result.

Results may deviate from the original idea, but perhaps it give us answers to questions we never asked before. A reflection of the completely random process of evolution.

Anyway it keeps us on the road.

W.i.M. Vanaalst

Our Mission

Imagination frees us from the gravitational pull of reality.

It’s possibility to breathe and think. To us no idea can be wild enough to strip the reality of its devilish garb.

Our mission can be summarized in a few words: WE WILL SEE


Lost Country 4


Lost country 2


Lost Country 1



Once there was a land so fair, With hills and fields beyond compare, The sun would shine, the birds would sing, And everything felt like a dreamy spring. But one day, the sea did rise, And the sky grew dark before their eyes, The waves crashed hard against the shore, And the people knew they could take no more. The sea swallowed up the land they loved, The homes, the fields, and all they proved, The memories, the laughter, all was gone, And the people knew their time was done. But in their hearts, they still hold tight, To the memories of the sun so bright, The love they shared and the joy they knew, And the land that once was, forever true. So let the sea surround them now, And let its waves wash over the town, For though it's gone, it will remain, In the hearts of all who loved the land.
Clouds vanish behind the horizon line, Fading into the depths of the sky. Their shapes dissolve, their forms decline, As they journey to a new horizon fly. They’ve journeyed far, their beauty on display, Drifting and soaring through the air. Their journey continues, now far away, As they disappear beyond compare. But memories of them remain in our hearts, A fleeting moment we'll always recall. The way they danced with the sun and the stars, The way they graced us before they fall. And though they’re gone, they’ll return once again, In a new form, with a new design. Their beauty eternal, their journey endures, As they reappear beyond the horizon's allure.
Lost memories, once so bright Now just faded shadows of light Once vivid, clear and bold Now they slip away, uncontrolled A smile that once lit up the face A laugh that echoed in an empty space A voice that whispered soft and low All lost in the winds of time, we know We hold on tight, with all our might To those memories we want to bring back to life But like leaves in autumn breeze They are carried away, with ease Yet in our hearts, they'll always be A part of us, eternally And in the quiet moments of our days We'll close our eyes and let them play