Dutch Disguises And Rather Weird Investigations
art reflects the evolution of man


Our products are constantly subject of a developing process. We let our creativity run free. In this way we want to investigate how our look is determined and how we can translate the results of the investigation into a consistent visual language.
Therefore our final work must fulfil 3 requirements: concreteness, unambiguity and directness, which we call the C.U.D. principles.
Sometimes dozens of images lead to a final work.
During this process we are messing around, and afterwards we can always explain what we wanted to create and why. 

Most of our images have a size of 2.50 m x 1,50 m. Partly because of these dimensions, the viewer is forced to look at the images in a less obvious way, even if they constitute a solid combination. The image carriers and materials used are different in nature. 

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Observation Process