Dutch Disguises And Rather Weird Investigations
art reflects the evolution of man

Our Mission                         

In a philosophical, psychological, or spiritual way we can argue about the nature of man, but we cannot argue about the nature of nature. Nature does not need us. Even if we cultivate nature. Cultivated nature is a way to meet the demands and wishes of individuals and societies enabling us to live, work and recreate as comfortable and efficient as possible. 

Economic interests and motives play an increasing role in a cultivated nature. The commercialization of individual motivation and self-development is the result. It determines the goals an individual wants to achieve. 

It leads to creative flattening and a self-affirming society perceiving alteration as strange and unwelcome. That's why we believe that the creative process is just as important or even more important than the final product. Results may differ from the original idea, but maybe it gives us answers to never asked questions: a kind of mutation. It is also a way to emphasize the evolutionary nature of man.

Our Statement

Art is Nature
Art is the mother of Design
Because man is the product of evolution
So must be Art