Dutch Disguises And Rather Weird Investigations
art reflects the evolution of man

Art offers the best opportunity to tell the story of our lives.    

More than any other discipline art expresses in a very individual and subjective way how we experience life. It avoids the semblance of objectivity that is the pitfall of all historiography. That is why we think it is not only important to tell the story behind our art, but also the story of all those others who contributed in the development of art as we know it today.

What art is and whether art should be exhibited, we consider irrelevant. Because its nature is evolutionary and so is man. From time immemorial art has manifested and distinguished itself in every conceivable way despite all discussions about its raison d'être and expression. It has been proven that art is essential for our survival. There is a need to express our culture in art. A society that gives a lot of space to art, is no guarantee of stability, but a society without art irrevocably leads to instability.




With his so called  transformations he wants to create a rearranged reality to make clear that the superficial image we have of reality can be interpreted and explained in different ways. He also uses reconstructions and artificially made representations to achieve the transformations. The original image however remains in tact continuously and hardly to see for the spectator. He wants to express that reality is essentially an individually constructed reality. Depending on location and time, the reality is different. This reality manipulates our lives.


Her art is characterized by expressive and strong contrasts. She wants to penetrate the core of the human being in relation to the world. A world where many still have to deliver a daily struggle for survival. She thinks it is naturally and necessary to be socially engaged in order to find the strongest expressions to express this struggle and to make a personal statement. Therefore she is always trying to give her images an underlying tension. She expresses herself in portraits, collages and abstract, expressive work


He was born and raised in a suburb of Paris. Street life has left an indelible impression on him. His experiences force him to be continuously critical of his interaction with his environment. Nevertheless, he considers the world laconically and with compassion.  His recent project is called: Tracing The Lines, an experimental discovery journey through his head.  With this project he wants to investigate whether our brain is a closed- and a (pre)programmed system that determines what we see, feel and hear.  


Although he is not an architect he believes that architecture is the ultimate form of art. He is always trying to discover and analyse the structure and construction of a building. He is convinced that an unsophisticated construction is characteristic of a successful design of a building. In austere and clear lines, buildings should be easily to identify. His passion for architecture is transformed in various ways in his work. The geometric figures which are characteristic of his work he denotes as  basic elements.