Cultivated nature is a way to meet the demands and wishes of individuals and societies enabling us to live, work and recreate as comfortable and efficient as possible. Economic interests and motives play an increasing role in a cultivated nature.

The commercialization of individual motivation and self-development is the result. It determines the goals that an individual in his life wants to achieve. It leads to creative flattening and a self-affirming society perceiving alteration as strange and unwelcome.

Therefore, we believe the process creating a product is just as important if not more important than the final result. Intuitive, associative and natural processes. Results may deviate from the original idea. It gives us answers to questions never being put forward: a kind of mutation. But mainly a way to emphasize the evolutionary nature of man. Imagine our lives being a vehicle driving us without knowing the correct destination, even if we pretend to know where we are going.

W.i.M. (Wim van Aalst)